About Us

At Sensibin, we use our expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision to help solve recycling problems at source, at the point of disposal.

Inconsistent messaging has confused many citizens and, though many have the best intentions, recycling contamination is a serious problem. Sensibin products promote best practice in recycling and encourage behavioural change through a variety of clever and innovative nudge strategies. We are committed to making recycling easy.

Meet our team

We are a dynamic team of diverse experts, sharing a common passion for solving some of our planet’s most difficult recycling problems. We are headquartered in Dublin, Ireland amidst a thriving startup culture and we have moved quickly to serve the insatiable global market for solutions that address the world’s many recycling challenges. Our North American clients are served from our new US office in Chicago, IL.

Seamus Devitt  CEO

Seamus is a serial technology entrepreneur with extensive international business and startup experience, and a passion for connected hardware product development.  He has led several R&D projects in development of industry leading technology products. He believes in delivering results through innovation. Companies founded by Seamus include SmartBin (sold to OnePlus Inc 2016), Excelsys Technologies Ltd (founded 2000, sold to Advanced Energy Inc 2017), PowerTest Electronics Ltd (co-founded 1992, sold to Schaffner Group 1997). In all of these ventures, Seamus has combined business management and product development. He has BE and MBA degrees from UCD and MS degree from Caltech.

Seamus joined the team at Sensibin in February, 2020.

Nathan Misischi Head of Sales

Nathan has a background in Business & Economics, founded the company and brought this strong management team together. After graduating from Trinity College Dublin in 2018, Nathan was accepted into ‘LaunchBox’ – Trinity’s Student Summer Accelerator Programme. He has since represented both his university and country at international pitching competitions and recently received the ‘Qualcomm Wireless Impact Award’ at the 2019 ‘Global Social Innovation Challenge’. To date, Nathan has secured all the funding necessary for successful business growth.

Dexmont Peña, PhD – CTO

With an insatiable scientific curiosity and ability to turn challenges into opportunities, Dexmont has developed a unique know-how to solve problems with technology.

Prior to joining Sensibin Dexmont focused on creating robotics technologies for multinational companies. With a PhD in Computer Vision his work is creating IP and shaping the state-of-the-art.