How Zero works

Our Technology

At Sensibin, we are experts on using Computer Vision and Machine Learning to solve complex problems. We use technology that is being used to power the next generation of autonomous cars and to save lives by medical imaging.

We have created SensiWaste, a large dataset of annotated images with labels for different objects typically found in waste and recycling. This dataset is constantly growing, allowing us to obtain a high classification and recognition accuracy.

AI Detection
Computer Vision technology allows identification of image contents.

Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate is Zero ?

At the moment our technology has a 90% classification accuracy. However, it is constantly learning and accuracy improves with more usage.

What exactly does X% accuracy mean?

An accuracy of 90% means that Zero makes the correct prediction 9 times out of 10. However, as Zero is constantly learning, accuracy improves with more usage.

How does Zero improve over time?

Zero captures the images of all the waste that it is seeing, and these images are added to our SensiWaste dataset. This dataset is reviewed regularly by our team in order to improve the accuracy.

Can Zero tell the difference between a recyclable item and a compostable item?

Not at the moment. However, if an install location uses one specific type of material for an item, Zero can be trained to recognize that item properly. In future, we expect to have an accessory to help to differentiate these materials.

How does Zero reduce my collection costs?

By increasing your diversion rate, savings can be achieved through fewer trash collections and increased recycling collections. You will also see a reduction in fines and penalties associated with waste contamination.

The video shows almost instant recognition. Is it as good as that?

Item recognition happens in less than one second.

Does Zero require expert installation?

No, this is a self install Plug & Play product. You just need to place Zero on the stand next to your bin and provide power.

How does Zero work with a paper bag that has compostible items inside?

Zero cannot identify enclosed objects within a container. However, for objects that can be used as containers we remind the user to dispose of one item at the time. In addition, we are working on an accessory that would allow Zero to recognize these enclosed objects.

Does Zero make noise?

Zero by default is completely silent. However, there is an optional feature that allows it to use voice instructions and/or give audible feedback.

Will Zero work in a cafeteria with food on plates?

Zero can recognize that there is food on a plate and provide proper feedback to the user.

How long does the battery last?

Zero requires a mains connection. It comes with a backup battery that allows it to work for 6 hours continuously in the event of a power outage.

How does Zero know if there is liquid inside?

Zero cannot identify enclosed liquids within a container. However, for objects that can be used as containers we remind the user to empty the items before disposing them. In addition we are working on an accessory that would allow Zero to recognize these contained liquids.

How do I calculate my ROI with Zero?

The ROI will vary depending on the installation location. The benefits to consider when calculating your ROI are: 1. Increased diversion (recycling) rates. 2. Increased user engagement. 3. Improved recycling habits from your users. 4. Reduced collection costs. 5. Reduced recycling contamination. 6. Reduced carbon footprint.

How do I place ADs on Zero?

There are two kinds of ADs available on Zero. 1. Organizational ADs, which can be setup via the system dashboard. 2. Third-party ADs, which are managed by Sensibin.

What is the delivery time?

Due to COVID-19 and delayed field testing, we are expecting to have our next batch by the end of Q4 2020. After this period standard delivery time is 4 weeks.

Does Zero observe all privacy requirements? 

Yes, Zero does not collect any personal identifiable information. There is an option to adjust the level of blurring during the system setup to meet your individual privacy requirements.

I don’t like touching the screen.  Can it be voice activated?

Not at the moment. However, our team is working on a voice recognition version of Zero.

Does Zero work outdoors?

Not at the moment. However, our team of engineers is working on a weather proof version of Zero.

Can I lease Zero, instead of purchasing outright?

Yes. Please contact our sales team to discuss leasing options.

Does Zero work at night?

Zero requires good lighting conditions (as in a normal office environment) to operate.

How does Zero deal with the different recycling rules in different regions?

Recycling rules can be setup via the System Dashboard. These rules may be configured for specific regions or for specific environments.