Zero helps users recycle properly by making the correct decision at the very point of disposal.

Zero educates and nudges users towards better recycling habits.

From $990 each, or ask for leasing options at $60 per month.

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  • Zero engages with users and helps them to do the right thing, by answering basic recycling questions in a friendly and informative way.
  • Zero is always learning.  It is configurable for any location globally, and for any regulations.
  • Zero’s AI allows it to identify and classify items even if they are partly obscured.
  • Zero is an innovative way of improving a business’s environmental footprint.
  • Zero aids corporate communications and allows for user feedback and rewards.
  • Zero is a cloud connected device, and the Zero cloud portal provides an intuitive dashboard where managers can see the high levels of engagement enabled by the smart Zero interface. 
  • Zero is designed to fully protect your privacy by never collecting any personal identifiable information.

Who can benefit from Zero?

  • Managers of corporate recycling programs and CSR teams
  • Property managers for Shopping Malls, Airports, Train Stations, Schools, Colleges, Museums, etc
  • Anyone who has invested in Recycling stations and wants to see them used more.
  • We can all benefit from the Zero Nudge game. Zero knows how to get the best out of people.

What are the benefits of Zero?

  • Better recycling habits leads to better recycling rates *
  • Better recycling rates leads to lower collection costs **
  • Better (lower) contamination rates in the recycling stream
  • Users love Zero.  Zero fits in with people’s lifestyles. 

*Studies show diversion rates can be increased by a factor of 2 or even 3!  For example, a typical recycling station might have a diversion rate of about 30% before adopting Zero.  After using Zero for 6 weeks, this increased to over 80%.

** Removal of clean recyclables is less expensive than removal of trash/waste.